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The White Ship of Peace Tour

November 24, 1998 - UC Berkeley, California.  Recently, Okinawan musician Shoukichi Kina and his band Champloose came through California on his "White Ship of Peace" tour, and played at UC Berkeley. 

With speakers Dennis Banks, from the American Indian Movement, and Dave Dillinger, a prominent anti-war activist from the sixties, Kina's tour stressed the need for a continued Peace Movement in talking about the problems in Okinawa. 

After the concert, the tour plans to stop in various Native American tribal lands to connect the issues of indigenous people's rights throughout the world.

The concert provided an opportunity for Okinawans (Uchinanchu) here in the U.S. to gather and affirm their cultural heritage and solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the homeland.

Picture of White Ship of Peace Tour Banner

Picture of Champloose

Another picture of Champloose

Yet another picture of Champloose

Picture of Kina, Champloose, and Uchina people from Northern California

Picture of Kina and Uchinanchu Nikkei

Uchinanchu in America showing their pride at the concert






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