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A Brief History of the Uchinanchu (Okinawans)

By Ryan Masaaki Yokota
Member, Okinawa Peace Network - Los Angeles

While this is just a cursory introduction to the history of the Uchinanchu, it is meant to provide some information in the English language on our collective history as Uchinanchu and broadly explain the major issues involved. It is a work in progress and continues to evolve as more information comes to light. Originally written in 1994 while I was a student at UCLA, it has been revised since then in 2001.


A Note on Terminology

Early History of The Ryukyu Kingdom and its Relationship with China and Japan

Assimilation Practices in Okinawa

Treatment of Okinawans on the Mainland and Overseas

Cultural Renaissance on the Eve of War

American Occupation and the Military Bases

Okinawa During the Korean and Vietnam Wars

Reversion or Independence

Uchinanchu Abroad

Current Issues in Post-Reversion Okinawa

Recent Rape and Anti-Base Uprisings

An Okinawan Nation?







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