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Henoko Update - October 14, 2006

Since the growth of popular discontent erupted in Okinawa following the 1995 rape incident, the U.S. military promised to return the Futenma military base back to civilian control. Yet, this action was made contingent on the development of a new military base for U.S. use.

The proposed location for the new base was set for Henoko, another area on the island of Okinawa. Since plans of the development have come to light, resident activists have waged a long-term struggle to oppose the development of the new base.

One of the lead organizations in opposing this development has been the "Inochi o Mamoru Kai," or Association for the Protection of Life. Their protests and continued opposition to the new base construction represents a citizen's movement for democratic rights and local autonomy that has rejected the false compromise of the base transferal proposed by the U.S. military.

Far from a Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) response, this move should be seen as a continuation of the Uchinanchu spirit to oppose the U.S. military presence and its Japanese government allies.

This group has stood steadfast in its opposition to the new military base construction for over eight years now, and is ongoing in its struggle.

The struggle continues. . .






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