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Magazine Articles Related to the Okinawa Military Issue

* Articles Written By Members of the Okinawa Peace Network

* July 21, 2000 - Los Angeles Daily Journal - The Battle of Okinawa: Redefining Security: As Clinton Heads to Okinawa, He Faces a Movement Demanding Alternative Security Measures

* July 19, 2000 - San Jose Mercury News - Okinawa Has Sacrificed Enough

* May 12, 1999 - San Francisco Chronicle - Worldwide Peace Appeal: Thousands Seek Ways to Make the World Secure

* October 6, 1998 - UCLA Daily Bruin - Okinawans Fight for End to U.S. Occupation

April 28, 1997 - Time Magazine - America's Frankenstein

March 22, 1996 - Asiaweek - Japan:  The New Battle for Okinawa

February, 1996 - Z Magazine - The Peace Movement in Okinawa - * Great Article!

November 17, 1995 - Asiaweek - Okinawa's Lessons:  Asia Needs to Build Its Own Security Network

October 2, 1995 - Time Magazine - Rape of an Innocent, Dishonor in the Ranks






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